Our Story

HIGH END, High Quality painting and carpentry

My Story

I decided that working as a painter was my “destiny” and I would “change the world” that way.

I have always loved working with my hands. As a boy, I loved
working with wood and loved carpentry. When I was old enough to
work, I started working at a restaurant. I really loved it! Whether it
was bussing tables, or cooking or cleaning; i loved to work with my
hands. After high School I continued using my hands in my work. I
never really liked school, I wanted to “change the world”. After
working in a restaurant, I moved to working in a grocery store and
became a journeyman meat cutter. I loved that work too, just a
little too cold for my liking.

In the early 1980’s, I had a conversion experience, and determined that now I would “change the world” in a different way. After attending Columbia Bible College, I moved back to Savannah and began working in a church… Along the way, I got married and had children. In 1991, I left Savannah to go back to Columbia to acquire my Master of Divinity Degree, which I completed in 1995… Now I was ready for the “change the world” thing…BUT God had other plans.

I started working for a local paint company in Columbia, but I assured them I would only be around for a few months because I was going to be “IN THE MINISTRY” AFTER 4 YEARS of putting out resumes with no results. I decided that working as a painter was my “destiny” and I would “change the world” that way. I also had the opportunity to fulfill my childhood dream to be able to do carpentry for the company.

After 6 more years of painting and doing carpentry for them, I decided I wanted to have my own business. In September of 2004, I did the most exciting and scary thing I had done up until that point and I launched what is today, ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES. 

I have always been really particular in what I do and learned from the ones who trained me to do an excellent job in all I did, especially the small things. I wanted to do that in my own business. I decided that I would plan to do HIGH END, High Quality painting and carpentry and set myself apart as one of the best. I would “change the world” in which I operated. I have continued that idea and philosophy in the business throughout the years.

We strive to do HIGH Quality work, using the top of the line materials, for long lasting beauty and protection. We do a thorough job of preparation on all our jobs and pride ourselves in taking care of the people and their property that we serve. It is the LITTLE things that set us apart…cleaning thoroughly after every job, rolling up the customers hose, picking up paint chips outside, being careful to not damage their bushes and trees…leaving things nicer than when we arrived and making sure that the work that we do and the products that we use will produce the results that each customer wants. That is the way that I plan to “change the world”.